Robert E Williams
We see in Bob's compositions, imagery of strong colour creating areas of lightness and also areas of density. The work is a way of describing relationships of shapes and spaces, combining the suggestive, the subtle and the decisively clear. The paintings are arrangements and attachments of shapes that may be understood as symbols of people or things or places. They are painted ideas reminding us of what we know, or just of something we have had only a chance in the past to glimpse. Really we have never noticed things quite in this way before. -- Jo Beale / When you listen to a symphony by Beethoven you sit back and don't question what it is he was writing the music about. He used a number of instruments to make different sounds and left spaces between the notes to create that sound and emotion. When you listen to the same piece another time you will have a different emotional response depending on where you are in your life. I do the same using a variety of marks, colours and shapes to create something for you to feel as an individual. If you see something specific in the painting it is how you the viewer feels at that moment when looking at it that is important. -- Robert E. Williams